It's not my intention to make this a comprehensive glossary to accompany the blog. More, it's an aide to recent joiners who haven't read through all the episodes (although my advice to new joiners is to read the previous episodes but I would say that, wouldn't I?) or those who have and may need reminders on some of the terminology...

Wordsdrow: the campus which houses the OED (see episode 4).

Word-trafficking: the practice of attempting to accelerate the inclusion of new words into the OED (see episode 3).

Fibonacci House: the building which houses numbers (see episode 4).

Ubiquarian: see episode 7.

ATM: within the context of this blog, ATMs are explained in episode 8.

Digi-brother: the numerical manifestation of a cardinal number (see episode 14).

Alpha-brother: vice versa of the above.

Limbo words: words which have not yet been accepted into the OED (see episode 12).

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