Thursday, 20 March 2014

Episode 24: IT'S A GIRL!

In July, 2013 summer finally arrived in a sustained period of unbroken sunshine. As words basked in the balmy conditions, rumours swept around Wordsdrow that Meaning was on the brink of retirement and about to appoint a successor. Universally acknowledged as the ├╝ber word of the OED, he – historically, Meaning had always been male – was both well-liked and deferred to by other words although there were occasional grumbles over his “pseudo-shaman” status. In reality, Meaning’s powers were limited and he was scrupulously impartial in using them.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Episode 23: Lobster Thermidor or Curry?

Clever glanced at the couple sitting at an adjacent table and realised this was the first time he’d seen somebody actually using the ATM app on a mobile phone. A proprietorial pride coursed through him and he tilted his head to one side in an attempt to over-hear the couple’s conversation. He was especially intrigued as both appeared to be using the device surreptitiously. Unable to catch any more than a few words, Clever couldn’t piece them into a conversation: more’s the pity.